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Aankhon ki Gustaakhiyaan maaf hon!....:)

June 4, 2007....I was on the train for my journey back To Ranchi when I made this sketch.I got aboard the train at bangalore and I remember it was some stop in between where these nice eyes came on the front seat of Mine.This conservative Muslim girl, obviously was in burkha, thoroughly covered except eyes....and Believe me, I relived the 'Bombay' and 'Dil se' Romance next 38 hrs. in the train.Heights of sheer idiocy,immaturity,adoloscence,bravery,or whatever you call, I decided to sketch this girl....:))

Mission: सामने लड़की की आँखों की sketch (बुरखे में ),

Risks: the model(वो लड़की ख़ुद ),बगल में उसके बाबूजी (लुंगी और कुरते में )और साथ में एक दो और मर्द (शायद उन खातून के पति या रिश्तेदार ), मेरे बगल में बैठी हुई अम्मा (60-65 yrs), कोई एक और हजरत , एक 8-10 साल का बच्चा और बाकी हटिया -यशवंतपुर express की चहल पहल ...

Disturbances: हिल्ती हुई Train, शोर -शराबा, पकड़े जाने का डर , limited space, और sketch को चोरी छिपे बनान…

Shiva Rudraashtakam.....Prayers for almighty...

Bachpan mein daadi maa ki god mein hamesha ek mantra sunta aaya tha main.....aaj saalon pe youtube pe sunne ko mil gayi....I am so touched to hear it again...m posting here with translations....thanks Youtube!!
Source Courtesy: Florida Hindu Organization Inc.

Shiva Rudrashtakam
Namaamee shamheeshaana nirvana roopam, vibhum vyaapakam brahma veda swaroopam Ajam nirgunam nirvikalpam niriham, chidaakaasham aakaasha vaasam bhajayham Niraakaaram omkaara moolam tureeyam, giraa gyaana goteetam eesham gireesham Karaalam mahaa kaala kaalam kripaalam, gunaagaar samsaara paaram natoham Tushaa raadri sankaasha gowram gambhiram, mano bhoota koti prabhaa shri shareeram Spooran mowli kalo linee chaaru ganga, lasadbhaa labaa lendu kanthay bhujangaa Chalat kundalam bru sunaytram vishaalam, prasanaananam neela kantham dayaalam Mrigaa dheesha charmaambaram mundamaalam, priyam shankaram sarvanaatham bhajaami Prachandam prakrishtam prajalbham paresham, akhandam ajam bhaanukoti prakaasham Traya shoola nirmoolanam shoo…

Mere Daada daadi....

Ye wo do log hain jinhone meri kalpana kii thi kabhi.....
ye wo do log hain jinhe main is duniyaa mein sabse zyaada pyaar karta hoon...
Ye wahi do log hain jinki aankhon ka taara hoon main.....
Ye wahi do log hain jinhone jise main pariwaar kahta hoon, iski rachna ki hai....

Miliye, Shri Akhouri Brij Nandan Sahay(97) aur Shrimati Krishna sahay(87) se, mere poojya daada daadi.....
Bhagwaan, kripya mere daada daadi ko aur deerghaayu kariye taaki wo meri safalta ka anand le sakein....unka aashirwaad sadaiv mere upar banaa rahe....yahi praarthna karta hai sakht jaani...

Sa-aadaar pranaam,
Akhouri Piyush Raj Shrivastava

Go to patna, young man...:))

An interesting and thought provoking article by Suhel Seth.I really like the section in The Telegraph Graphiti where Suhel Seth answers to people’s problems. Earlier this section was full of nonsense stuff including problems relating to incest and extramarital relations :-o. Suhel Seth tackles the problems in a totally unconventional style. Tongue-in-cheek humour, concise answer…. and very appropriate. He does not even spare the person questioning — if his/her question is fool enough — with comments like “And you needed to write to me take this decision of your life?”…

I look forward to read this column on Graphiti every Sunday and everytime I burst out laughing, breaking all decibel barriers. :D

Recently, here was his article posted in the Telegraph about his visit to Bihar.
Enjoy folks!!

I don’t know how much real progress Lalu Prasad Yadav is making with the Indian Railways, the IIM sojourn not withstanding, but there sure is a silent revolution taking place in Bihar under Nitish Kumar…

My Poetries_ at

Just a trial to post my audio podcasts....still working on it.....stay tuned...

Let your hands(your work) shout on your behalf..:)

Don't we sometimes feel that anger, that ferocity against something; sometimes the system,a person or the society itself that we could have done better if we were at that position which stands otiose presently. I oftenly see that rage bubbling in my veins when I see this inefficiency in work.....

Yes I do get angry....just like others....Eyelashes flexed, ears elicitedly turn red, deep breath and sigh....when i used to be small(read TINY), i used to cry....when grew up a little bit, I used to fight(readf BEAT)....and subsequently learnt to fall into an arguament.....

Got to read something about anger in YajurVeda some time,

“Hatred and anger leads to unhappiness, pain and misery.So, one should always be soft-spoken and all;'karma-yogis' should tread on the path of righteousness.”
In due time,the ways of showing anger gave me once an idea....Inste…

तलाश ए तबस्सुम-ए-शमशीर

ख्वातीन-ओ-हज़रातकोयेइत्तिलाकीजातीहैकीएकऐसेहीतस्वीरकीमानिंददिखनेवालीमोहतरमानेसख्तजानीकादिलचुरा रखाहैऔरबंदीबनारखाहैज़मानेपहलेसे ....जबसख्तजानीकोहकीक़तमालूमहुईकीउनकादिलगुमशुदाहैऔरवोहवसएरफ्ताहोकरकेजोअपनेदिलकीतलाशमेंमारेमारेफ़िररहेहैंवोइनखातूनकेपासबरसोंसेमहफूज़है...तोउन्होंनेइनखातूनकोइत्तिलाभीकीऔरउनसेयेदरख्वास्तभीकेअगरहोसकेतोइन्हेंइनकादिलवापसमुराजिआतकियाजाए..औरअगरमोहतरमासूदचुकानाचाहेंइतनेदिनोंकीबंदिशकातोख़ुदभीसाथचलीआएं ..तोबड़ीबेरुखीसेफटकारतेहुएमोहतरमानेसख्तजानी

Comparing Indian and Chinese Economy..

Well ,
we people seem to anticipate a lot about the indian economy, sure we can help specially by pressurising the government to open up more FDI so that we can remove that ‘factory of the world’ tag of china and place india instead…
but do you think it is a joke?
a lot needs to be done:
1.better infrastructure
2.lesser corruption
3.better labour laws
4.better political situation India is far from that.All of us you know eye white collar jobs and wan’t maximum pay , this will reduce our competitiveness .Moreover in india there are widespread strikes, and the atmosphere unlike china’s is not businesslike and if workers frequently go to strike manufacturing in india will not be favourable Moreover , don’t you know unlike a few of us most indians highly covet the ‘IMPORTED’ tag , this actually means that the product is manufactured in any other country but india and if we create an invironment when indians favour highly the ‘MADE IN INDIA’ tag only then shall the manufacturing grow inspite of …

Vaishnav Jan...Prayers for peace...

One of the best songs in the History of Music.....I am sure all who read the first line will remember the song within 3 seconds.....But hardly anyone amongst us realize the meaning,the message and the reason behind this song....because it slipped from our memories a long back,maybe that bullet from nathuram godse penetrated this song then itself....Still, it is alive in the heart of we ,few but still existing, true Indians.

'Vaishnava jan', the most lovable song to Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi, the closest to his heart, the song he sang even his last day, is not actually the Song, its a Mantra, the mantra which transformed Mohandas karamchand gandhi into a saint from a lawyer.This man is said to have used only truth and Ahimsa as a weapon,as far as we all remember about him, but we hardly realize that just accepting the truth never actually changed the world, the metal was always in facing the truth, with courage, with an unbiased perception, and with a message that Baapu gave to…

Karo jo baat karni hai

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मुझेएकशौकहैवैसे....मुझेअपनीआवाज़सेबहुतप्यारहै ....तोमैंक्याकरताहूँकीअपनेकुछख़ासपसंदीदाशेरयाकलामअपनीआवाज़मेंरेकॉर्डकरकेरखलेताहूँ....फिरकभीखालीवख्तमिलनेपरउन्हेंसुननेकामज़ाहीकुछऔरहै...मुझेजितना


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हम अक्सर ये समझते हैं ,
जिसे हम प्यार करते हैं,
उसे हम भूल बैठे
हमें वो भूल बैठा है ,
ऐसा नहीं होता.

मोहब्बत दाएमी सच है ,
मोहब्बत ठहर जाती है ,
हमारी बात के अन्दर ,
मोहब्बत बैठ जाती है
हमारी जात के अंदर ,
मगर ये कम नहीं होती ।
किसी भी दुःख की सूरत में,
कभी कोई ज़रूरत में ,
कभी अनजाने से ग़म में ,
कभी लहजे की ठंडक में ,
कभी बारिश की सूरत में ,
हमारी आँख के अन्दर ,
कभी आब -ऐ -रवां बन कर ,
कभी कतरे की सूरत में ,
बज़ाहिर ऐसा लगता है ,
उससे हम भूल बैठे हों ,
हमें वो भूल बैठा है .
मगर ऐसा नहीं होता,
ये हरगिज़ कम नहीं होती ,
मुहब्बत दाइमी सच है,
मुहब्बतबैठजाती है
कमालकीlinesहैं....शायरकानामतोमालूमनहीं, खोजाबहुतमगरकामराननहींहोपाएहैंअभीतक...तलाशजारीहै, मगरजोभीहैं, दिलकीखलिशकोबड़ीबारीकीसेलफ्जोंमेंपिरोयाहै....बहुतखूब....तलबगारऐमुहब्बत,
सुखनवर सख्त

तफूलत मोर्चा नहीं देखा करती !!...:)

ये Video तबकीहै जबमैं Salzburg से Munich लौटरहाथा ....train मेंएकबड़ीप्यारीसीबच्चीमिली ..बिल्कुलमेरीबहनप्रकृतिकेजैसी ..अपनेपापाकेसाथघरलौटरहीथी ....अबबच्चोंकातोआपजानतेहीहो....she smiled...I smiled...andखुराफात shuru....अबमैंजोभीहरकतकरूँ , वो copy करनेलगे ....बड़ामज़ाआरहाथाउसकीहरकतेंदेखकरके ....I asked her Father how old was she, तोपताचलाकीयेनन्हाशैतानबस 5 बरसकाहै ....मेरी बहन प्रकृति भी तो 5 साल की ही है ना...

सिर्फ़ मेरा ही नहीं ,उसबच्चीने train मेंसभीकामनमोहलीयाथा ..कितने प्यार से खिलखिला के हंस रही थी...आपलोग video में देख सकते हैं ..she was just so fast in responding to your moves कीख़ुदकोभीहैरतहोनेलगे ....हेहेहे ....मेरेमेंऔरभीदोस्तथे ....Robert, Ana, Gosia, Lucas, Beata, Andreas सारे ....सबकोखूबमज़ाआया ....Munich Central