Comparing Indian and Chinese Economy..

Well ,
we people seem to anticipate a lot about the indian economy, sure we can help specially by pressurising the government to open up more FDI so that we can remove that ‘factory of the world’ tag of china and place india instead…

but do you think it is a joke?

a lot needs to be done:

1.better infrastructure
2.lesser corruption
3.better labour laws
4.better political situation

India is far from that.All of us you know eye white collar jobs and wan’t maximum pay , this will reduce our competitiveness .Moreover in india there are widespread strikes, and the atmosphere unlike china’s is not businesslike and if workers frequently go to strike manufacturing in india will not be favourable

Moreover , don’t you know unlike a few of us most indians highly covet the ‘IMPORTED’ tag , this actually means that the product is manufactured in any other country but india and if we create an invironment when indians favour highly the ‘MADE IN INDIA’ tag only then shall the manufacturing grow inspite of poor infrastructure and labour laws..

Chinese are highly disciplined and seldom go on strikes..
the gurgaon hyundai strikes fiasco, shows how indians prefer to just go on strikes for wage hikes..
chinese hardly wan’t wage hikes even after a decade oh high growth..
and we rather than waiting another decade or so wan’t wage hikes now itself..

have you ever seen all your products from cars to sauces and noodles whether they are made in india??

if you wan’t manufacturing growth % to increase despite government not bloody hell doing anything than better start seeing and prefering those products which are ‘MADE IN INDIA’ ..
We the people have to pressurize government to act for our betterment, to open upa FDI for cheaper priced goods due to heavy foreign competition.

English is our key to IT industry along with our genetic skills to turn our tongue to acuire any accent but China speaks chinese , Japan speaks japanese, and so on ,therefore we need to do something about our hindi our language..
Yes even china has as diverse languages as we have..
Chinese thus speak differently but all are educated to write but one script chinese unlike us..
for which they are ready to work hard..
I don’t mean to be someone professing to use everything indian but if you really want manufacturing and hindi to not go the sanskrit way than better do some of what i have said…..
we still i feel need a lot more..

how many celebrities have fully desi houses free from any imported stuff?
imported means we buy what is produced in a factory or what is manufactured in a factory of another’s country..
means buy coveting imported stuff we are but in practise increasing the growth rate of manufacturing in all countries but us..
so please next time you get two cars ,you the rich fellow, chose the ‘MADE IN INDIA’ one.
its made by your own is from a foreign company does not mean that don’t buy the car , in fact most foreign companies manufacture articles in our own country..
this was of course an example..

chinese have a literacy percantage of 90% (both men and women) which is anyone who can write chinesewhereas ours instead of being anyone who can read and write hindi has really no meaning becoz of each community patronizing thier language..
i choose hindi not becoz i am a hindu but bcoz,like the chinese i have realised how one written language helps..
spoken language can be varied..
i say about languages bcoz you and i may converse in english but growth has to spread throughout india in rural etc and for that a uniform written language is required..

can anyone tell me how many hindi (or better so indian)(please don’t call that bollywood)films are shot in india..??
most high profile ones are shot in foreign places..??
cleanliness is also importan for our tourism industry to develop??

i support the growth of very very high scyscrapers in mumbai..
open space is of course necessary but not at the cost of development ..
large building promote tourism..

I love my india and wan’t india to develop infrastructurily and lower its poverty, illiteracy and corruption.

sure, even i anticipate it as well as i fear it!!!!!!!!

Yours truely,

Piyush Raj,
Creator and Family head,
Energia Inc.


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