Let your hands(your work) shout on your behalf..:)

Don't we sometimes feel that anger, that ferocity against something; sometimes the system,a person or the society itself that we could have done better if we were at that position which stands otiose presently. I oftenly see that rage bubbling in my veins when I see this inefficiency in work.....

Yes I do get angry....just like others....Eyelashes flexed, ears elicitedly turn red, deep breath and sigh....when i used to be small(read TINY), i used to cry....when grew up a little bit, I used to fight(readf BEAT)....and subsequently learnt to fall into an arguament.....

Got to read something about anger in YajurVeda some time,


“Hatred and anger leads to unhappiness, pain and misery.So, one should always be soft-spoken and all;'karma-yogis' should tread on the path of righteousness.”

In due time,the ways of showing anger gave me once an idea....Instead of wasting my energy fighting over issues, why not derive something productive out of it...may be a poetry, or a skulpture,or a sketch, a dish, an essay, or may be even a lecture? believe me this Idea may sound bizarre at the first instance, but gradually it developed inside me a special affinity of learning things and honing my skills.So gradually,I always used to sit with me whenever I wanted to cool my anger down.In the beginning, it was damn difficult to even sit calm and focus on art, all you want is to go back over the issue and fight endlessly.But after the sketch is finished, you end up with something that can speak on your behalf.Atleast, it happened with me always as it always quenched my hot head.Gradually, I started liking this habbit and actually gave up my anger.Seldom , i get angry over issues now and actually after completion of the art,I am always ready with some feasible solution of the query.

The sketch I have posted above, was amongst my first trials of visual creativity.It shows a strong rough male hand,strong enough to scare the hell out of a being, but not even caring to fold the fist to make a punch.It is busy shutting his own mouth with itself, but the mouth on the other hand is fighting on his own,not letting the hand to blow a punch, and avoiding the conflict to turn manual.

I made this sketch almost 3 yrs back when I had an fierce arguement with a friend over some inter-personal issues.i wanted to blow him hard on face, but still someone somewhere was stopping me to fight with him.Probably my mind, didn't want to lose him forever.I shut my door of hostel room, came out after 1 hr with this sketch and instead of talking to my friend, i just kept this sketch before him.Results were expectedly presumed, we both burst into laughter after seeing this.And since then, I witnessed the power of creativity......:))

Thank you Mahatma Gandhi, for always inspiring me in the most doubtful situations of my life.I promise to follow your 'some' ideas all my life.For the rest, I have my own rules and own perception.

Hope You fine ppl like this idea as well.

Nuff Regards,
Sakht Jaani


  1. very very useful tip for a human....anger is an unbalanced energy like nuclear explosion...to curb this energy to get some benefit, sabki bas ki baat nai hai...ab if u control it n channel it to something useful you can result into a nuclear fission reaction..

    gussa karna aur dikhana theek hota hai jab tk wo hamare control me ho...gussa sahi bhi hai..its a way of expressing feelings like love ya phir samjhane ke liye...magar ye ek belagam ghode ki tarah hai.. bande ki sahi galat sochne samajhne ki ability ko khatm karta hai...

    a bit late but me too have learned to calm my temper...kuch bolo mat n kuch samay akele khud se baatein...help me a lot to understand the situation...thoda likhna...n then its finally all over...
    luking at ur sketches one may c how nicely u can construct out of this destructive force..


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