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"Takers eat well....Givers sleep well."

Asked as a mere phrase by a friend, "Takers eat well....Givers sleep well."The phrase sounds catchy to me, and I am finding a sense of deeper meaning hidden beneath....lets take a dive.....
So what this probably means......Lets analyze..

Taker: One who is ready to accept.One who accepts things as they are. One who accepts things without ego coming in between. One who has its wants, his desires before his resistance.

He might be a beggar, a pet animal or a prostitute.he might be helpless,he might not be bothered, or simply he might not be strong enough. He might be the one who takes loan with no hopes of returning it. He might be one even not expecting something from the taker,but if things keep coming, he embraces them, accepts them. He consumes them.he is happy with the way life is going.

So, A taker eats well.

Giver:One who is ready to donate,say; simply give away.One who doesn't accepts things as they are,he/she might try to change it into a better state. One who rejects a…