Koun tum Mere Hriday Mein??- Mahadevi Verma

The age-long longing for this poetry has finally ended. I heard this first time somewhere in some Kavi-Goshthi. I was in Class 10th or 11th then, I don’t exactly remember. The words were well beyond my understanding; the meaning was well beyond my scope. I was yet to experience the feel that is required to understand these wordings. I was yet to be exposed to the beauty of Hindi Literature. Although I have read all of Premchand Sahitya, Sharat Chandra, Ishwar Chandar, Devkinandan Khatri’s creations, but they all appear to me as they were meant to be told as tales, say, stories. Only poetry can speak the language of the heart. It does not narrate, it talks to the reader; it sings. Here every character can be replaced; every incident can be suitable matched to something personally relevant. Every feeling here is wired to the readers personal emotions.

There continued paragraph here is say, 40 years old ; and is Written by Mahadevi Verma ages back. He writes his heart out questioning the beloved who is it which is bothering the author so much all the time? He questions what brings it significance and how it matters. You people will better understand if I stop here an expose you the aura of these ‘rare’ beautiful lines.

I understand the words might appear to be a bit difficult to the reader at the first glance. Just repeat them a few times; and the charisma of the poetry will make you feel the same you feel after having some red wine or after hearing A. R. Rehman’s new creations. You hate them in the first instance but later end up enjoying every part of it!

Probably, you need to be completely drunk or fully into upswings of a relationship to heartily enjoy this. Please make the arrangements....:))

Jai Ho!!

कौन तुम मेरे हृदय में?

कौन तुम मेरे हृदय में?

कौन मेरी कसक में नित

मधुरता भरता अलक्षित?

कौन प्यासे लोचनों में

घुमड़ घिर झरता अपरिचित?

स्वर्ण स्वप्नों का चितेरा

नींद के सूने निलय में!

कौन तुम मेरे हृदय में?

अनुसरण निश्वास मेरे

कर रहे किसका निरन्तर?

चूमने पदचिन्ह किसके

लौटते यह श्वास फिर फिर?

कौन बन्दी कर मुझे अब

बँध गया अपनी विजय मे?

कौन तुम मेरे हृदय में?

एक करुण अभाव चिर -

तृप्ति का संसार संचित,

एक लघु क्षण दे रहा

निर्वाण के वरदान शत-शत;

पा लिया मैंने किसे इस

वेदना के मधुर क्रय में?

कौन तुम मेरे हृदय में?

गूंजता उर में न जाने

दूर के संगीत-सा क्या!

आज खो निज को मुझे

खोया मिला विपरीत-सा क्या!

क्या नहा आई विरह-निशि

मिलन-मधदिन के उदय में?

कौन तुम मेरे हृदय में?

तिमिर-पारावार में

आलोक-प्रतिमा है अकम्पित;

आज ज्वाला से बरसता

क्यों मधुर घनसार सुरभित?

सुन रही हूँ एक ही

झंकार जीवन में, प्रलय में?

कौन तुम मेरे हृदय में?

मूक सुख-दुख कर रहे

मेरा नया श्रृंगार-सा क्या?

झूम गर्वित स्वर्ग देता -

नत धरा को प्यार-सा क्या?

आज पुलकित सृष्टि क्या

करने चली अभिसार लय में?

कौन तुम मेरे हृदय में?

- महादेवी वर्मा


Sakht Jaani


  1. Stumbled by chance. Even I love this poem.. Just one thing, Mahadevi Verma is a she..

  2. Yup....I noticed that after I already posted this article....typo....but means a lot...isn't it...:))

    Keep visiting....regards, Piyush


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