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Love, life and Bullshit...Confession abstract!!

Hi! Back to my note making philosophy.......decently called as a blog!! Today i am going to simply bullshit about anything that comes to my mind. Please bear with me!!
What exactly is it......the confessions of a wannabe to reflect the world how hard he is trying to reach the level where he will be declared an “achiever”. But the act is still the same, and he continues to be one of the million wannabes. Now if that’s not a joke, let’s take it seriously!! Let’s try to write something “Different”.
I am no different. Whatever I do, I find myself doing it the same way many others have already done. The very idea about an uncommon idea is that, is should be one of its kind. But as the population increases, the probability of seeking the rare diminishes. And that’s how neatly I can blame others for responsibly killing my originality. I think that won’t be fair.
I tried Business. Energia. I thought it was rare. To professionally design business proposals and sell it in business plan symposiums …