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Interactions with the almighty......

February 21st 2010.....Krishna Temple......A loner pays the Almighty Lord ‘Shri-Krishna’ a visit....for the five prominent reasons:
1. Its long time he has got to sit in a serene, calm environ.
2. He believes he has turned an atheist and his relationships with god are at a verge of a break up.
3. He is damn frustrated with his job.
4. Nothing great to do this ‘Sunday’. Who else to bore? Let’s try God; he thought.
5. He wants to give some time to himself for thinking.

1300 Hrs.....the temple is really empty.....There sits a round bellied half-nude man counting all the coins that were gathered in the morning Puja.......there is a sick old lady.chanting beads....2 young kids playing around the Main Building.....It’s a small nice institution...with colour shades of brown, orange and Grey....with some flower plantations around the temple; and a load of plucked flowers in front of; yes ‘God’! Sorry forgot to mention him at the first place. It’s his place, and that explains why everything i…