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Dear Friends, welcome back to the revamped blog. I will try to focus to be regular up on my blog now onwards. We can chat here, talk all the bullshit we are full of; right here. Apparantly, it pays.(I heard there is something called Google Adsense). Moreover, better than making Office ‘Junk’ reports.
 The picture attached represents a Service Engineer. I am sure all of you agree that an already burning candle, trying to torch up its own ass for the sake of the community, to enlighten the darkness of a moonless night, is the picture perfect example of what my Job is like. It also shows that I still have some sense of humour left. And it’s wicked.
I can call me Deputy manager- Field Service. I can also call me Vice President- Field Service, Kolkata territory. Or maybe I can take it a step ahead to call it- Chairman, Kolkata Field service Engineering solutions. Whatever I call it, the fact remains the same. I am one damn stinkin’ service Engineer. My job is to make customers happy. Yes, by torching up my ass. By listening up to their complaints and their grievances. By trading my happiness with their sorrow about the product some sales lameass hoodwinked them with. Give me few more thousand salary hike and my ass is up for sale. People with my job profile are always ready to double up as Male Escorts. I love bamboozling. Gradually Customers understand that.
The moments I am not a service engineer, I double up as an office clerk. In a fashionable way. Only I can order me to take print outs of something so unimportant that only has relevance to me. Or at times to my Weasel Boss. Apparently he has finished 2 more diaries since I last time mentioned his note making habits about all the bullshit around him. Poor Soul.
And the moment I try to bring the Weasel out of me, I am here. The POS blogger you love reading. The nerd you used to hate in College. The same fat lame ass. My very self- The Sakht Jaani.
Guys, let me welcome you once again to my POS
Please comment on what needs to be further revamped here. (Suggestions like “Go, jump in a well and Die!!” or “please delete this blog” will be not be entertained anymore due to thousands of similar mails reaching daily and blocking my mailbox.)
And now as a complete loser cliché , I am leaving with this- LOVE YOU ALL*
(*Read as: I don’t care who you are or if you even exist anymore).
Sakht Jaani


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