Open Letter to APR from within

Dear APR,

What kind of a Person should you be classified into?

A person, who is so much into a relationship, and still not able to commit time to the loved ones.

A person, who is so much of a family man, and yet finds out that its hardly twice a week a he gets to call home.

A brother, who is not that bothered to connect with his sisters and in spite being a mentor to several unknowns, is not capable to guide his own young ones. Lame, APR, very lame.

A businessman, who books losses by repeatedly spending, way more than he earns from a deal. Caring hoots about the opportunity costs. Caring hoots about the time wasted. And what not!!

This, is indeed, a time, APR, you need to look back inside you, and try to locate that soul which is somewhere, getting crushed, by the abysmal depth and the pressure from the machinery, building around yourself. I am here. Your soul.

You had a great job. Wasn’t it? It allowed you everything. Money. Time. Pleasure. And perhaps sometime also to spend it with your loved ones. You left it. You greedy man.

Though I understand your need to succeed at a fast pace, I am unable to figure out what’s your hurry? Why running when it’s just metres away.  Perhaps, in this rare hour, when you have got time to look for me, and wait for the directions, I could be of some help.

Remember a girl, you used to be so much after? When was the last time you enquired about her? I personally don’t think so that the subject matters anymore, regarding this question, I am merely remarking that you have stopped looking back to the simple and soft lifestyle you used to have.

What happened to your brothers? Your Energia Team? Ankur, Shekhar, Saurabh? When was the last time you called them up and said “Bachchon”? Saurabh and Shekhar still try to keep up with you. But Ankur? The lad was here in Mumbai and you had the audacity to cancel on him?? Did you realize it must have hurt him? “He will understand my problems” can be your reply to this, but will you start understanding yourself more seriously now? Seek within.. Are you dead?

Anjali is gone. She is married and has a family to take care of. Other guys are all set to get married or are already into their own cobwebs. Rohit is always busy with his career. Kullutries to keep up but thanks to your business, you give him the “2 minutes excuse” everytime the phone rings. Divyanshu is focussing on his career goal, and focussed on giving it his best shot; but irony is, he still manages to keep up. Nilanjana, Sushant, Sagar, Siddharth, look around. Everybody is busy, still they manage to connect. But you? Having a facebook profile doesn't makes you social. It makes you, a troll, maybe. Use it judiciously. And is for talking, not feed updation or market tracking. Call your loved ones more often.

What have you thought about marriage? Delaying it till eternity? It you become a millionaire? Or till you get bald? Or till she decides of leaving you? What is it exactly you want with life? A woman can give birth to a baby in nine months. Nine women can’t do that in one month. Getting my point? Get married. Business is anyways going to be there. :))

Find time. Part off a share to your family and friends. Try living. Normally.

I am not asking you to change back into the same obnoxious evil you used to be. You certainly have evolved from that. All I am trying to tell you is that out rightly refraining from something is a not a permanent solution to addiction.  Giving up gradually is.

Look around. Good things are happening. Things have improved. You are committed. You have a great loving family. And such good friends. You don’t run out of cash. You eat heartily. You share it too. All your generic wishes are becoming a reality. Slowly, but they are. And you are just 25. What’s the point in not living it, when it’s at its extreme, at its pulp?

Just don’t overdo your business. TRY TO HUMANIZE. The world was there prior to your existence and shall be there for ages after you and your race is extinct. One life? Why so serious?

I noticed, you don’t get a decent sleep nowadays. Thanks to your schedule of management lectures and business engagements.

Just curious, what made you come to me after so long time? It certainly means at the first instance that you plan to normalize. Get back to get better. Good thing to do. I appreciate.

I grant you a wish. You may have a good sleep tonight. A peaceful one. If you bunk the first lecture tomorrow, I know you got the point. :)

Good night. You aren’t that bad.

Your Soul.


  1. How come my name is not there...

  2. Jo khota raha use note kiya, jo saath use tarjeeh hi kyoon?? Tum to sadaiv saath ho hamaare, maayavi asur hariom. Nishchint hoke utpaat machaao... :) :)


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