Thank You, Jesus!!

“Gratitude is the best attitude. There is not a more pleasing exercise of the mind than gratitude. It is accompanied with such an inward satisfaction that the duty is sufficiently rewarded by the performance.- Infamous Unknown

On this very holy night when 2000 years back Jesus claimed to have risen from the dead, with those paper lanterns burning and hanging from those tree, which I see from this window, I believe there is something else that claims to have risen from the dead. I believe it’s my urge to write. Dear Readers, this mail was a long due. My apologies for not being around for a while. Being around 6500 kms away from the land I call my home, I thing I have some time to sit down, and write. With this fresh mind, and the odd time to wake up, I have woken up, I need to pay my due.

I have suddenly started feeling this loneliness peeking in, through this very window, which is insulating me from the negative two degrees of temperature outside. Apparently, I am very much missing that messenger owl; I had always expected to bring me my letter to Hogwarts. It just never came. Silly bird. J

What else could a man of my age ask for? After years of believing that magic is for real, I matured with the bitter fact that some of the magic never materializes. No matter how hard you try. Maybe because it was never supposed to have happened. Maybe because God waits for a better miracle to take place. A miracle which partly involves my contribution too.

Not that I am complaining. Not that today I want to jot down some of that silly emotion again in a form of poetry, or a musical tune. It’s different. I actually feel like sharing about some of the miracles I am already blessed with. For which I want to pay my thanks, and regards. This mail is for you, Jesus. Read on.

I will like you to thank you for giving me the best family. And friends. And enemies.  And people who matter. And people for whom I matter too.

What an amazing father I have. A man who drenched himself in rain in Tirupati, all night, just to save me and pinky from cold, by clinching us in his under-arms. A man who is selfless and courageous to stand for his family, in all the thick and thin. Yet afraid to get his eye operation done, just because I am not nearby. And because doctors told him he can’t be operated as of now due to high blood pressure. I believe though, it’s the operation thingy, which made his blood pressure thing high. He happens to be the same person na, who sat next to my bed all night, when I had my hand burned with third degree burns. One who cries watching TV soaps, and yet remains calm when biggest of calamities fall on the family. One who showers blessings with every phone call? And twice if you call him twice the same day. What a wonderful dad I have. Papa, love you. And proud to be your son.

And my mother, who is more happy that I have time to prepare my sister’s bio data for the matrimonial reasons, than the information that I earned a profit of a couple of thousand Euros, in a day. One, who is more worried about the fresh vegetables and their bargaining with the vendor, than the diabetic issues she has recently been exposed to. She cooks the best chicken in the world, and is prohibited to eat it. L One, who knows that her son is already in a committed relationship, but still never, misses to pass on every alliance she gets for her son. One who never misses to ask what I ate in the day. And how and when I managed to cook it. The lady I love and care about the most, my mom. My, sweet, sweet, mom.

My sister Pinky, whom I have seen evolving from a shy stuttering baby into a beautiful confident lady. One, who can effortlessly engage hundreds of listeners, figure out human equations, but manages to score just the bare minimum in mathematics. One who knows how to handle the computer as well as any electronic appliance, way better than anyone I know. One, who is barely 2 years younger to me biologically, but effortlessly, assumes the position of my mother, as well as my daughter. One, who is always there to hear me out. One, who is soon to get married and leave. My sister who is also my best friend. Thanks, Jesus for giving me so much.

And Chhoti, with whose birth, my starts took a spin. The one, who brought in good luck to our family. And prosperity. Who happens to be 15 years younger to me, and yet can beat me in an argument. Always.  One, who loves the teddy bear as much as she loves street puppies. And one, who is never done with chocolates. Never. One, with whom I have had my best chats with, ever since she was born. My angel. My sister biologically, my daughter emotionally. One whose marriage I will be able to see as a father-figure.

My brother Atul, who has been blessed with the brain of Albert Einstein, and looks of Brad Pitt, and as idiot as I am. Equally fanatic about things I think the same way. My other three cousins, Bintu Bhaiya, Anshu bhaiya, and Ankush, replicating their style I grew up. And still am fond of. Love you guys.

And the soon to be member of our family, you, my love. Who was born thousands of miles away, just to realize that our souls were connected? One who knew through her chant-beads, about my arrival. One, who knows through telepathy when I am about to call. And understand what I didn’t speak of. One, who has been sharing this soul ever since I noticed. One, who is “fearless” but maintains a kirpan, just for 'defence'. J :)One, who now knows me as much as my family does. I mean the nitty-gritty’s of my highly illogical brain. One, who loves me. And, one who respects me. And my ideas. One, who if not would have entered my life, I was about to waste it through sweat and tears. I love you so much, my namesake. J

Thanks God for my wonderful friends. Divyanshu, Sushant, Kulvindar, Rohit, Roshan, Saurabh, Sekhar, Ankur, who happen to be brother from another mothers. Anjali, Sadaf, Vatsala, my sisters from the other life. Balan Sir, Mr. Ramanathan, Mr. Panduranga, Mr. Vittaleshwar, Mrs Sen, Shashtri Sir who shaped me much into who I am today. People whose entry in my life brought happiness.  People who have always encouraged me to do good and be nice.

To the thousands of faces I know, or claim to know, and maintain a cordial interaction with. People around me, thank you so much Jesus, for creating this all in my time. Or maybe, bringing me up in times they exist. The good people. They are all around me.

Last but not the least, I am equally thankful to the people who made my life easier by leaving it, albeit forcefully. Your arrival taught me to prepare for things, and your departure prepared me for better things. Maybe you left, as you were never meant to be a part of my life. Glad you left. May god be with you always.

On this holy night of Easter, let me bow to thee, and seek happiness for all. Please feel free to debit my unlimited store of happiness, if any of the people are in need of something. You don’t need to ask me.  J
People say that you bore pain for us. And were crucified, as you wanted to set an example for us. Well, even after 2000 years of that, I am unable to figure out that logic. Let’s discuss sometimes. I look forward to tight sleep.  You may join me in my dreams. J

And well, thanks for the latest developments in my life. Especially, taking back that tummy gift. I consider it a miracle. J

Looks like I wrote quite a lot. Never mind. Frequent readers may skip emotional blobs. I hope to write soon again. Till then,

Piyush Raj SakhtJaani


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