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Why do we get afraid? What haunts us? Is it the dark past or the uncertain future? I wish to answer myself some of my own doubts through this post.
We fall, so that we can learn how to get up. Still we are unsecure about falling. Most of the time. When we are unaware of concrete facts, and we go on thinking about it, it leads up to fear. Fear from the fact that this unawareness could lead us to darkness. If it may hamper my plans I wish to obtain. If it may lead to my failure, and victory of something I hate to see winning against me.
Often we give up on our confidence. It’s not un-natural. Not abnormal. It’s just a sinusoidal trough of our confidence level. Our daily lives, appear to be the same. But every day exposes something new to us- something which may be pleasant to our senses or simply unpleasant experiences. When these unpleasant thoughts clog up our memory, we cease to see beyond the obvious. We forget the pleasant experiences, and the achieved goals. Simply because our mi…