Why should the river always flow towards the Ocean? Is it just out of love, obsession or devotion?

It has often been suggested by my dear friend HariOm about the devotional obsessive behaviour of River which drives her to go and dissolve in the Ocean. Here is his couplet:

"ऐसा भी क्या दीवानापन ऐसा भी क्या प्यार नदी, 
सागर से मिलने जाती है तू ही क्यों हर बार नदी ?"

This often made me wonder the emotions behind depicting this as thoughtless one side obsession of river, which consists of pristine, pure, soft water - to drift and submerge in the vast ocean, which is wild, salty, destructive, immense, unimaginably different and rough.

Well, I figured it out, that it's just a figment of human imagination, and we obviously ignore the real basis of this process. It's not love, it higher than that. It's creation. It's about making sure everything functions. 

And even though it looks like a mere one-sided journey, ocean play's its fair role in creating, strengthening and charting the very path of the river. 

There is always a better reason for why things happen the way they do. It's on us to decipher the code. 

The code is always written on the wall. And it's for everyone. It's the actual Bible, Gita, Quran, GurGranthSahib. Every bit contains the answer. Just a matter of translation and patience.

All queries are always answered. We need to look around us.

Here is my humble submission, and this answer satisfied my internal conflicts and quenched my philosophical thirst.

"सागर खुद मिलने आए, तो प्रलय साथ मे लाता है.
सहज मिलन निर्मल होता है, तभी चली हर बार नदी.

सागर भी वैसे, मिलता ही रहता है नदिया से तो,
भाप देख लो, बारिश देखो, सब सागर का प्यार नदी....

एक चले, एक साथ मे हो चुप,
कैसा अद्भुत प्रेम प्रमाण.
सागर से बनकर, सागर में मिलना ही है प्यार नदी.

कभी तो मीठा, कभी तो खारा, 
आश्रित जल पर जीवन सारा,
मानव उद्भव तेरे मिलन से,
प्राणीमात्र की निर्मल धारा,

सागर में मिलकर , सागर से बादल बन, फिर वर्षा बनकर, 
जीवन चक्र की रचना करना,

तेरा प्रेम , बस प्रेम नहीं है! 

तू जो रुके तो सब रुक जाए,
बहती जाए, बहाती जाए
सही-ग़लत, अस्थि-मल-जंगल
सबको साथ बहाती जाए

जीव-चक्र आधार है तेरा,
सिंधु-मिलन का कठिन परिश्रम 

जीव तेरे बहने को को समझें "प्यार"
यही कम महिमा तेरी?

अद्भूत तेरा दीवानापन, निर्मल तेरा प्यार नदी

सागर से मिलने जाने में, किया जगत साकार नदी."

-पीयूष राज "सख़्त-जानी", 2011


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